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Billing & Insurance

  • All insurance claims from treatment received through Advantage Speech Therapy Services, Inc. (ASTS) are filed as a courtesy to you and are subject to review by your insurance carrier. ASTS will submit a claim with your insurance carrier up to 2 times per appointment and any further insurance appeal is solely your responsibility unless a secondary source of payment is established. This includes, but is not limited to: insurance company denying coverage for any procedure, policy deductibles, policy maximum annual or lifetime benefits being exceeded, insurance paying an amount for a procedure based on its usual and customary benefit schedule which is less than the fees charged by ASTS for such procedure and ASTS not receiving payment within a reasonable amount of time even if you are appealing the denial of insurance benefits by the carrier.
  • Advantage Speech Therapy Services Inc. reserves the right to charge a fee for any appointment that is not kept, currently an out of pocket fee of 50% of your insurance rate and Babies Can't Wait rate (if applicable, based on billing situation) for a typical treatment session or a minimum of $55, which is subject to change without notice. This amount will be charged for not canceling 24 hours in advance of your appointment. Unforeseen circumstances are anticipated and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
  • Any out of pocket payments not paid IN FULL within 14 days of invoice will incur a minimum $10 or 10% (of total bill) late fee and will continue to accrue an additional 10% of the total invoice each subsequent week the invoice is not paid in full. All checks should be paid to the order of Advantage Speech Therapy Services, Inc.
  • Please be advised that if we are filing with a private insurance company that the turnaround time to get an EOB (explanation of benefits) may be 4-6 weeks or longer. By the time we know whether or not your insurance company will pay, we may have accumulated more than one month's invoice. Please plan ahead as you will be expected to pay the balance on all of the invoices within two weeks of the dated invoice.
  • Advantage Speech Therapy Services, Inc. (ASTS) has a 3 strike rule. If you are unavailable for a scheduled appointment 3 times without calling to cancel 24 hours in advance of your appointment, ASTS retains the right to discontinue elective treatment and to terminate services immediately. ASTS kindly requests that you offer a courtesy call in advance so that your therapist is aware of your need to reschedule. Additionally, at the discretion of ASTS, excessive cancellations within a given month may result in a termination of the given contract. Furthermore, if you plan to dismiss your child from therapy, a 2 week notification is REQUIRED unless otherwise agreed upon. Consequently, if you choose to discontinue treatment you are still responsible for paying for all services that were provided prior to your decision to discontinue.

All billing related questions can be directed to