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The Mission of Advantage Speech Therapy Services

     My mission is to provide a warm and loving environment where children love to play and play to learn and where parents and caregivers learn strategies to carryover skills and enhance therapeutic progress.

I tried to teach my child with books; He gave me only puzzled looks;
I tried to teach my child with words; They passed him by, oft unheard.
Despairingly I turned aside; "How shall I teach this child!" I cried.
Into my hand he put the key; "Come," he said, "play with me."

My Personal Philosophy

Robyn Romano

      Reflecting back on my babysitting years, I think I always knew exactly what I was interested in, well before I was truly aware of it. I can remember times that I would be playing with the children I was babysitting and working on language tasks for no other reason than wanting to get them to talk or to help them to learn something new. So, once in college, I started taking required classes and landed on a Language Development in Children class and fell in love with it and only wanted more! The rest is history!

     I value the experience I had at my undergraduate school - The College of Wooster (Ohio), as it gave me hands on experience at the undergraduate level since we had a Speech and Hearing Clinic right on campus. Upon entering graduate school, I felt years ahead of my peers because of the hands-on experience I had at my small liberal arts school compared to their larger universities without that experience.

     I believe in having fun and "playing" with kids while they learn. My hope is that I make therapy seem like fun and they don't realize they are really "working." At the same time, I find that I take a structured approach and guide the therapy sessions in such a way to reach the goals I am wanting to achieve. Yet, if a child wants to share a story or tell me about a new game he/she got, I'm all about working "that" into the session. I want to make therapy reflect real life and what they are interested in so that it's not about worksheets and specifically drilling a certain sound, but working on words they say and using topics they are interested in.

     I love using my iPad in therapy as it works as a motivational tool as well as a fun learning tool. There are so many apps out there that help kids in all different ways that even a simple game can have underlying bonuses! I remember when I got my first iPhone with only a few apps and was working with a non-verbal child. All it took was showing him a few fun things he would be able to do on my phone "if only" he would sign/say something to earn it. Sure enough it worked! He was working hard to play on my phone after that! I was happy that my purchase was for a greater good than just making calls! 

     I've been working in the field long enough to know that I feel much more effective as a therapist working privately, one on one, with kids compared to the school system. Not only do I see more progress and achievement towards goals, but the parents are also more involved and there is more carryover of skills as a result.

- Robyn Drothler