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Product Spotlight

I am happy to be a provider for many specialized programs, such as Complete Speech, The Listening Program (TLP) through Advanced Brain Technologies and Speech Buddies. All these technologies offer great solutions because of great advancements in the field of speech pathology.

Complete Speech

Complete SpeechComplete Speech offers many advances in the field of speech pathology.

More specifically, the SmartPalate system is unique and customized completely to your child's needs by showing them how they produce speech.

SmartPalate is designed to deliver a powerful visual understanding of speech through a custom-fit mouthpiece providing audio and tactile input processed through a computer and displayed clearly on a computer screen. Learn more.

The Listening Program by Advanced Brain Technologies

Advanced Brain Technologies - The Listening Program - Advantage Speech Therapy ServicesTLP is a personalized listening program designed to help anyone - men, women, kids, those with special needs, stroke patients and those who just want to improve their overall brain function. It targets areas of brain performance to help people think, speak, and write better, improve productivity and reduce stress as well as their improve quality of sleep! Listeners report the following benefits: sharper memory and thinking, more creativity, better focus and attention, improved auditory processing, increased self-confidence, reduced stress and better planning and organizational skills. Learn more.


Speech Buddies

Speech Buddies - Advantage Speech Therapy ServicesSpeech Buddies are a series of tools that help children not only learn the correct placement but consistent placement of the most difficult to learn sounds - R, S, L, CH, and SH. This is breakthrough technology in the field of speech therapy designed by SLPs and engineers to help kids with challenging speech disorders.

Please read through my testimonials as you will see through the eyes of past clients the type of therapist I am and the type of therapy you can expect. I look forward to being able to help your child be the best they can be!