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The Progression of Speech Therapy


Therapist Point of View: In the beginning, my client's speech was impacting the language that he was trying to express. He had thoughts and ideas that he wanted to share but they were masked by his inability to clearly express his words. He had one syllable "dat," which he repeated for most words.

Eventually he was able to say more words but continued to drop the final sounds from his words and had to learn to produce all the sounds in his words to continue to improve his intelligibility.

After more than a year of working with him, he was able to engage in functional conversations. Some of his words could be misunderstood, but for the most part, "context" was not necessary in order to "guess" at what he was saying.

His frustration was minimal for the most part but the more he was able to say the more he DID get frustrated when he was 'not' understood. Overall, he was very willing and cooperative to say his words repeatedly in order to improve on what he was saying.

After consistent therapy, my client was learning to self-correct and monitor himself for any mispronunciations he hears without having to be cued on everything. Errors are still present in his speech (at the time of the last video). Peers and non-family members still struggle with his speech as well as strangers he may have met, yet he has made such strides in his development that it's just a matter of time before all the pieces of the puzzle come together!


Parent Point of View: Our son was 22 month old when we decided to pursue early intervention when we realized his speech was not getting any better. It was obvious that our son understood everything we were saying however, his speech was difficult to understand and there were only a few words he said which were understandable for us.

After contacting Robyn and proceeding with the therapy, we were able to see changes in his speech within a couple of months. Major progress was made after six months and the difference in his speech was just remarkable after a year.

Currently my son still struggles with certain sounds and some words are a bit difficult to understand but he has learned to give out clues to describe what he is trying to say which then helps us to figure out what it is and also enable us to teach him to sound out the word correctly. Speech therapy has given my son a way to communicate in the way we were not able to do and now there are very little communication issues because of the progress he has made with his speech.

Having Robyn as our son's therapist has been a great experience. We could not have been happier with the result.