A. and T. Smith

ASTS was recommended to us through our child's Pre-K a little over a year ago. Since that time, Miss Robyn has been working with our daughter and her mixed receptive/expressive language delay. We have nothing but positive things to say about our experience. Miss Robyn is in fact our THIRD (and FINAL!) SLP. Our daughter's speech has blossomed over the last 12 months - where initially she would intermittently speak in 3-4 word sentences, she now easily communicates her needs, wants and thoughts. We continue to work on fine tuning things, but we couldn't be happier; we have no doubt that our daughter will be a fully effective communicator in the near future! With the help of Miss Robyn, our daughter is more engaged, communicative and CONFIDENT! An example: prior to Miss Robyn's interventions, our daughter was known to prefer playing alone with her peers in school - she is now so much more outgoing! She loves playing in groups and interacts with her friends and teachers, she can tell us about her day and things that happened! These don't seem like big things to a parent whose child doesn't have a speech delay - but for us, it has been HUGE. Miss Robyn is completely dedicated to her practice - the kids come first. She's worked with our daughter to determine what learning method best suits her. The consistency and methodology she uses are one of the main reason our daughter continues to excel! Our family has had no issues with Insurance/Billing. Everything has been taken care of in a timely manner. When I initially had questions about how everything would work, Nicole, the Biller, reached out to me in the same day and answered EVERY question I had and ensured everything was processed and take care of. Our experience with Robyn and ASTS has been fantastic, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with her until our daughter graduates the program and is on her own!