C. Clark

My son has been with Robyn for 8 1/2 years! That is a long time in the world of therapy but we have never considered changing. Robyn started working with Jack when he was 22 months old and his speech challenges are significant. She has been very dedicated to trying new approaches and evolving her approach as his reached his milestones. When she first started with him, one of her goals was to teach him to say "O". She is now working with him on more lanugauge processing, sequencing and story telling goals. My son has a cognitive disability but she has really helped maximize his full personal potential. It really is so much more than just what many typically think about "speech" therapy. His cognitive function is higher than if we would of quit when he could procounce words. Robin also makes it fun! She uses many games and technology to grab her patients interest and increase their effort.