L. Wells

"Our son has been doing speech therapy with you for about a month. It has been a short period of time, but my husband and I can tell a difference already in his ability to communicate. He has been counting clearly from 1 to 10 totally unprompted. He is so proud of himself – he smiles and says “yay!” at the end. He also has said “all by myself” several times this week for the first time. I was so excited when he first said it going down the stairs because he rarely uses three words together. I think one of the neatest things is that he lets me help him with his words. I’ve seen how you break down words into syllables and then have him repeat the syllables to build the word. Luke will say each syllable after me and then we’ll try to say the word by putting the syllables together. This takes a few tries, but he is so proud of himself when he can say a word. We make sure to praise him and celebrate with a big high five every time! And surprisingly, he seems less frustrated. He hasn’t laid down on the floor and cried in weeks. The only thing I can attribute it to is that he can tell us better what he wants now i.e. juice, crackers, Elmo TV – all the important things in life. J If this is what a month of working on his words can do, I can’t wait to see what 6 months brings. Thank you!!"