M. Mingir

We started taking speech therapy in 2017 for our 18 months old daughter at that time. She wasn’t babbling or neither trying to imitate, the only word she was able to say was “mom”. Per our psychiatry’s recommendation, we decided to take speech therapy. Daphne was diagnosed with SPD so that she wasn’t happy baby all the time, and for her to spend time along with somebody other than us was a bit challenging, however, Cheryl easily manage Daphne’s attention, made great connection with her in very first sessions. That was important achievement for us because other therapists, Daphne had been seeing, wasn’t able to manage it. Right now, whenever she sees Cheryl, she wants to hold her hand, and she shows the door and signs for “play.” We were able to see progress right away; after few sessions with Cheryl, she started signing and saying few words such as “more”, “water” and “food”. That was the first time for us to see Daphne communicated with us verbally. She is right now 25 months old and she can tell us all her needs with many words as a part of her daily life, and most importantly, she tries to imitate us. After each session Cheryl explained us what they have done, how it went, and gave us clear homework as well as we were able to reach her out with email for further questions, especially during weekend. In addition, we are amazed with her honesty, she told us if Daphne didn’t do good job on a particular day or mentioned other obstacles. As concerned family, this gave us confidence because we had bad experience with other therapists (Including OT and PT) on this subject. Cheryl touched our hearts. She is talented speech therapist and has a wonderful personality. I personally believe she keeps helping lot of other kids, and we highly recommend her.