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Therapy Apps

Brook and I have found many of these apps useful in more ways than one. We have found that children are motivated by the iPad and the games beyond their intent. Kids can “earn” time to play the games and/or they can use the apps to work on following directions, vocabulary and building language skills. Below you fill find our individual highlighted / favorite apps and a more extensive list linked to each of our sites as well.

As far as $cost$ goes, many of the apps listed are either free or .99 yet there are some that range from $4.99 to $9.99 or even higher. Some allow you to try the app out for free under the ‘lite’ version but then require you to pay an ‘in app’ fee to upgrade to get more content or buy a completely different fuller version. Be aware of sales and “free app friday” from a group called “Moms with Apps” to assist with getting more apps for free. Note: Many apps do updates for free and you benefit from additional content within the app with each update as well as any bug fixes.

Brook and Robyn's Favorite Therapy Apps 143 KB