I tried to teach my child with books; He gave me only puzzled looks;
I tried to teach my child with words; They passed him by, oft unheard.
Despairingly I turned aside; "How shall I teach this child!" I cried.
Into my hand he put the key; "Come," he said, "play with me."

Robyn is passionate about your child's success.

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Robyn is a miracle worker. Our son was functionally deaf for 9 months before he got his tubes at 16 months and missed out on prime language learning time. He was frustrated with us, but refused to try to learn words. He didn't want to bother since he had been trying to "communicate" and it got him nothing.

Robyn started working with him around his second birthday, and in one month, he has started speaking words we can understand! He went from a few intelligible words to speaking in full sentences. He no longer stares at you when you ask him to pronounce words, he works with you to speak more clearly. He responds when called, he expresses his needs and wants. It's a whole new child.

We could not be happier with the work Robyn has put in and the change in all of our lives for the better.

Thank you so much!

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L. Geller

When we first started at Advantage Speech Therapy, my son had been getting speech services for 6 months with no improvement. We started at Advantage Speech Therapy right after my sons 2nd birthday and he was only saying Ma and Dad. Robyn got us in very quickly. Within a month of my son starting services with Rachel we saw a huge improvement as he was able to communicate basic needs to us. Almost a year later and my son is now speaking in sentences. He truly loves Rachel... he will tell everyone she’s his best friend and he loves her. We have gotten so many amazing comments from friends and family about how much my son has improved. Rachel not only gave my son a voice but she is a huge part of the boy he is today,. She has given him his confidence and has broken him out of his shell. We will forever be grateful for all Rachel and Advantage Speech Therapy has done for my son.

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C. Duck

I really do want to thank you. Your job is HUGE for getting an early start. My daughter graduated early and just finished her first full time semester at Auburn University on the deans list for engineering!! So proud and made my heart smile thinking how far she's come!! Thank you for what you do!!

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D. Coker

Robyn at Advantage Speech Therapy Services was exceptional in helping our 5 year old son. Our son was struggling with his pronunciation of the letter "R". We had initially thought we would wait to see if he would out grow his speech impediment, but it began to negatively effect his self esteem. Robyn made the process so convenient by coming to his school to work with him. Our son actually looked forward to his sessions because he enjoyed the time with Robyn! In just a few short months we saw a significant improvement in his R's. Robyn uses up to date methods for therapy which leads to great success for your child. I highly recommend Advantage Speech Therapy to anyone with a child struggling with any speech issue. Thank you Robyn for taking such a great interest in our son!

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S. Lyon

We have been using Advantage Speech Therapy for 2 months now and have noticed improvement in our 5 year old daughter's Speech. I am impressed on how quickly she had improved with her pronunciation and has been able to adjust her fine motor skills orally. Rachel is amazing with our daughter and she adores Rachel as well. Highly recommend Advantage Speech Therapy.

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B. Denmark

When we first began with Advantage Speech Therapy Services my daughter was 18 months old and only knew 1 word. Our pediatrician recommended speech therapy. Like most parents, we didn't really know where to start, and also had concerns about why she wasn't speaking yet. Thankfully, one of the first people I called was Robyn Drothler, and she was able to quickly schedule us for an evaluation. Rachel Harding was specifically responsible for working with our daughter, and between the 2 of them, they were able to quickly identify where our daughter's deficits were and the best approaches to improving her speech. They are very easy to work with, great with our daughter, always available to communicate with, and frequently would reach out to assist in ways outside of just the therapy sessions including discussing ways my wife and I could be working with her. My daughter is now 24 months old and is expressing around 200 words and stringing together 3 word sentences. I strongly recommend Advantage Speech Therapy Services for any family looking for speech therapy assistance for their child!

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Rachel is persistent, committed, and used different methods to fine-tune Sushane's articulation. It is a work in progress but we did see significant improvement in his articulation. She is one of the best STs Sushane had. It is unfortunate that we couldn't have her anymore.

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Marilyn W.

From the start, Maryelizabeth responded to Robyn like she had to no one else. It was so exciting to see her trying to work with Robyn! She felt appreciated and supported as Robyn always tried to make her sessions with my daughter enriching and fun.

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P. Michael

Robyn's experience and education in the field of speech therapy qualified her to work with our son; but it was her consistent, positive nature, enthusiasm and care for him that drew him out and helped him to look forward to his therapy sessions with Robyn. We appreciated her patience and consistency with our child and would highly recommend this/her practice.

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C. Clark

My son has been with Robyn for 8 1/2 years! That is a long time in the world of therapy but we have never considered changing. Robyn started working with Jack when he was 22 months old and his speech challenges are significant. She has been very dedicated to trying new approaches and evolving her approach as his reached his milestones. When she first started with him, one of her goals was to teach him to say "O". She is now working with him on more lanugauge processing, sequencing and story telling goals. My son has a cognitive disability but she has really helped maximize his full personal potential. It really is so much more than just what many typically think about "speech" therapy. His cognitive function is higher than if we would of quit when he could procounce words. Robin also makes it fun! She uses many games and technology to grab her patients interest and increase their effort.

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L. Baldwin

My 5yr old son found Robyn both nice and a lot of fun to work with. My husband and I found Robyn well worth the investment. The only downfall to her work is that her quick success shortens the time we have with her!

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B. Vargo

Robyn has had a positive influence on our sons communication skills. He is very responsive to her as she helps build his confidence with his speech. She is very engaging with him and he truely enjoys the lessons. We highly recommend her.

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M. Dennison

We located Robyn through our Insurance company. She worked with us to find convenient times to meet, considering our booked weekly schedule. Robyn was engaging with our child, and adapted to the ever changing moods of a young child. She has patience and a great sense of humor, which is needed in this profession. Lastly, there are few therapists in which are as accommodating to come to your home for your session. This is an added bonus as we did not need to pick up and drive to a location. If your child needs a speech therapist, consider Robyn as you and your family will not be disappointed.

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C. Levitan

Robyn was great when she worked with my son Noah! She came to the house and did a great job with him... even when she stopped working with him because he started school, he would ask for Robyn. We never had financial at all. Everything was always handled very perfessional. I would definitely use Robyn again if our schedules allowed.

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fellow colleague – E. Falcon

I am one of Robyn's colleagues. I have known her for 16 years. In the early years, we worked alongside each other in the school system. Later as we supported each when we embarked on our journey of self employment (independent of each other). Robyn gets nothing but rave reviews from me. She is so driven, motivated and dedicated to her work. She is constantly thinking of her clients and their needs. She sets goals and follows through with them and is successful at helping her clients communicate. She has sincere concern and compassion for the children she works with. I now live in Florida, but we continue to work together as we are always in contact discussing our work, teaching each other and brainstorming new approaches to suit the client and their needs. Her desire to continue to learn and grow as a therapist is inspiring. Robyn recently hosted a continuing education workshop which I flew up to be a part of. I wish Robyn nothing but continued success in her work!

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A. and T. Smith

ASTS was recommended to us through our child's Pre-K a little over a year ago. Since that time, Miss Robyn has been working with our daughter and her mixed receptive/expressive language delay. We have nothing but positive things to say about our experience. Miss Robyn is in fact our THIRD (and FINAL!) SLP. Our daughter's speech has blossomed over the last 12 months - where initially she would intermittently speak in 3-4 word sentences, she now easily communicates her needs, wants and thoughts. We continue to work on fine tuning things, but we couldn't be happier; we have no doubt that our daughter will be a fully effective communicator in the near future! With the help of Miss Robyn, our daughter is more engaged, communicative and CONFIDENT! An example: prior to Miss Robyn's interventions, our daughter was known to prefer playing alone with her peers in school - she is now so much more outgoing! She loves playing in groups and interacts with her friends and teachers, she can tell us about her day and things that happened! These don't seem like big things to a parent whose child doesn't have a speech delay - but for us, it has been HUGE. Miss Robyn is completely dedicated to her practice - the kids come first. She's worked with our daughter to determine what learning method best suits her. The consistency and methodology she uses are one of the main reason our daughter continues to excel! Our family has had no issues with Insurance/Billing. Everything has been taken care of in a timely manner. When I initially had questions about how everything would work, Nicole, the Biller, reached out to me in the same day and answered EVERY question I had and ensured everything was processed and take care of. Our experience with Robyn and ASTS has been fantastic, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with her until our daughter graduates the program and is on her own!

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Matt A.

After 3 years of speech classes twice a week at school, our 10 year old twin boys were showing no signs of correcting their lisps. We found Robyn through our insurance, and in 9 months she taught our kids what the public schools couldn't do in 3 years. She is very professional, organized, and takes into account all the details of not just teaching speech, but also schedules. She would meet with our kids at our house, grandparents' house, a library, our school, etc. to make sure they would always get their lessons consistently. Admittedly, it took us 2-3 months to grasp the importance of our role to make sure our kids practiced each day. Robyn was great at helping us learn how to help our kids practice their speech routinely. She helped us come up with games and reward systems to motivate our kids to practice and self-correct their speech. Robyn demands the best from her students and their parents because she really cares about them and wants them to succeed. She is honest when they are progressing and honest when she thinks they are not doing their best or regressing. She was kind enough to never complain that our new dog was constantly interrupting their speech sessions because he wanted her to pet him, even though I'm sure he was driving her crazy! If you're looking for a speech therapist to do all the work for you and tell you everything is sunshine & roses, then you should look elsewhere. But if you want someone who will get your children the results you want - whatever their speech challenges may be - there is no one I would recommend more. Our kids quickly took to Robyn and loved their speech sessions, this told us they truly liked and trusted her. Thank you, Robyn!

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Parent of teenager with fluency goals

Being a mom you are always looking for the best for your kids. Looking for a speech therapist was not an easy thought to go with especially when you have a teenager who doesn’t have a big problem in her speech but she needed more confidence with her speech. I recommend any mom to try anything that helps her kids in any way, at any age. I found "Advantage Speech” online and we met with Robyn the owner of the business . She’s been running her business for awhile, such a great person for the job! Robyn has helped my daughter be aware of her speech with more confidence..she helped her focus on what she needed to build her speech ...and speaking clearly. Consistency, awareness, focus and confidence are very successful keys for great results that my daughter and I were able to notice in her speech and the improvement that she has made within three months.. It was a great experience with Robyn…. even my daughter loved her techniques and tricks to stay focused and consistent I am very proud of my daughter’s improvement in her awareness of her speech and I am thankful to you for your patience , commitment and love for what you do!

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The Phelps Family

"We thank Robyn from the bottom of our hearts for all that she has done for Hadley. Talking to Hadley now is a pleasure. She has so many ideas and stories to share, and thanks to the work Robyn did we are able to understand all that she has to say. Before Hadley started working with Robyn, she would get frustrated when we didn't understand her or upset because a child her age called her a baby because they didn't understand what she was trying to say...so they assumed she was younger than she is. Talking to her now, it is hard to believe she ever struggled with her speech. The work Robyn has done has been a gift that allows her to have the confidence of being a big kid in the world!"

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Juanita, Gerard & Nico

"Robyn made a difference in our son's speech development. Nico was about 3 years old and did not talk very much. A few weeks after he started speech with Robyn, we noticed a huge improvement in his speech as well as his entire behavior. It was a very positive experience for our son as well as us as parents, since all of her advice was extremely helpful. Our son is growing up in a Bilingual environment, and thanks to Robyn's guidance and work, he was able to master his first language and then very rapidly his second. Thank you Robyn for your valuable help."

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Mike D.

"My son Cole has been with Robyn for the past two years and has made tremendous improvement in his speech!!! Cole is excited to see Robyn and has a great relationship with her. Robyn always keeps me informed as to his progress on a weekly basis. To be able to hear Cole speak in full sentences is so amazing coming from barley being able to understand him. His vocabulary has expanded to the point he is a happier boy because he can now communicate better and express himself! I would highly recommend Robyn to anyone, she has a great connection with kids and it shows in the results with my son! Thanks Robyn."

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Kumi Y.

"My son was 22 month old when I first contacted Robyn. Here he was approaching to be two years old in two months and the only words he could say was mama, dada, and everything else he would say was dat dat dat dat dat… With just 6 months of Robyn working with him, he has made tremendous progress! My son went from pointing at everything only saying dat dat dat to making sentences using anywhere between 3 - 4 words all on his own. Not only Robyn has a great and fun personality making speech therapy fun like a play time for my son, but she is also super patient with my moody two year old! I couldn’t be any happier with the progress my son is making."

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"When our 2 year old was barely saying a word we recognized, we decided we really needed to get him help. We had him medically evaluated and he was diagnosed as "speech delayed". We found Robyn at Advantage Speech through a friend's recommendation and we couldn't have been happier with her. She was able to work well with our son for almost a year and he has improved tremendously!!! We highly recommend Robyn to anyone seeking speech therapy for their child."

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Corlette G.

"Robyn was brave enough to tackle the speech issues of each of my quadruplets! Working with high order multiples is a huge challenge! Robyn not only rose to the challenge, but truly impressed my entire family. Although she did work the children very hard she also made it very fun for them. My children would run to the door in excitement whenever Robyn would come. I noticed a difference in their speech right away. My son Todd was very advanced for his age, however had a problem expressing himself. Todd wanted to tell us how he felt but his speech was so muddled that he would just scream in desperation. Robyn changed all of that! Todd began to communicate and shocked us with just how advanced he really was. All the quads are speaking very well and very clearly thanks to Robyn. Now the problem is trying to keep them quiet! Robyn taught the kids so much and they had so much fun with her! I know that their success in school has everything to do with the great foundation she provided!"

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Shelley W.

"Ms Robyn helped my son for over 2 years. She helped Matthew's speech with his cleft lip. His speech improved so much that by the time he got into Kindergarten he didn't need speech therapy anymore. Ms Robyn has made a positive difference in my son's life. I am forever grateful."

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Samantha R.

"My son was non-verbal when he began working with Robyn. She has been instrumental in his language development and acquisition of beginning learning- shapes, colors, animals, etc. He is not the same child that I once knew- he has blossomed into an inquisitive toddler who can carry a conversation and ask questions about the world around him-amazing for a child on the Autism Spectrum. I attribute his tremendous progress to working with Robyn and I consider her time with him as his most essential therapy!"

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Brittany R.

"Tristan was 2 and a half when Robyn started working with him. Nothing but gibberish was coming from his mouth. It took a couple of weeks, but when he got used to their visits I started to hear him try to say words. I was able to see an intelligence that I did not know existed watching them play together. Thank you Robyn for starting the wheel in Tristans head."

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Janice S.

"Robyn has been working with our son only a couple of months. In just a matter of weeks his verbal confidence has sky rocketed! It's apparent he enjoys using his broader vocabulary! He works so hard to say words correctly, rarely using his unrecognizable jargon. His improvement is so dramatic in such a short amount of time. I know it's because Ms. Robyn is so patient, encouraging and makes learning so exciting!!!"

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Kimberly F.

"My son really looks forward to Robyn's visits. She had helped him increase his attention span as well as improve his verbal communication. We are very pleased with our son's progress. "

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Angela & John S.

"Robyn has been a wonderful influence on our daughter with her constant encouragement & warm nature. We have seen her blossom since starting speech therapy. Robyn has brought out the best in our daughter. "

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Marylin W.

"From the start, Maryelizabeth responded to Robyn like she had to no one else. It was so exciting to see her trying to work with Robyn! She felt appreciated and supported as Robyn always tried to make her sessions with my daughter enriching and fun."

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Rachel S.

"My son has made tremendous improvement just within 3 months of working with Robyn. My son jumps up and down and is so excited when Robyn's car pulls in the driveway. He is always waiting at the door for her. I would recommend anyone to her. She is Great!!!!!!"

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Jennifer C.

"Robyn did such a wonderful job with my daughter, Emily. She spoke maybe ten words when she first started with Robyn, and in just 10 months she increased her vocabulary tremendously, was speaking full sentences, and was easily intelligible. My daughter loved seeing Ms. Robyn! I was very impressed with her work."

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Peggy T.

"Robyn has been an absolute lifesaver for our family. When our 18-month-old was diagnosed early with autism, we knew we had a rare window of opportunity to turn her around. We couldn't have done it without Robyn's diligent help. In fewer than six months, Eva has increased her vocabulary from four words to more than a hundred and fifty. But it's not just about numbers. Robyn has helped bring our daughter back into "our" world, where she laughs, plays, interacts, and communicates her needs. It is clear that Eva loves Robyn. With so much remarkable progress, we cannot wait to see what the next six months holds..."

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C. Shawa

"Robyn has been working with my son Benjamin for almost 2 years now and may I say, she is truly a gift from God to us. My son thinks so black and white and she has done such an amazing job helping him see the gray areas. It is very hard for him, but Robyn is so wonderful at walking him through that process. With Robyn working with him I believe he is able to read, know so many sight words, and understand so many concepts that would have been such a struggle for him to learn and understand without her. I can tell she loves my son and she is truly concerned about him and helping him learn things to help him function in the world. I am so very thankful for her."

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P. Michael

"Robyn's experience and education in the field of speech therapy qualified her to work with our son; but it was her consistent, positive nature, enthusiasm and care for him that drew him out and helped him to look forward to his therapy sessions with Robyn. We appreciated her patience and consistency with our child and would highly recommend this/her practice."

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M. Dickinson

"Robyn has been Tommy's only primary SLP since his diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy/Schizencephaly as an infant. He is now eight years old and thriving in mainstream Second Grade. Robyn has worked tirelessly and consistently to bring Tommy to this point. His teachers tell me his speech is not a point of isolation academically or socially. He continues to improve. Robyn is prompt and dependable. She is demanding but positive in order to get Tommy to work to his potential in each session, redirecting and injecting humor as needed to keep him on course."

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L. Wells

"Our son has been doing speech therapy with you for about a month. It has been a short period of time, but my husband and I can tell a difference already in his ability to communicate. He has been counting clearly from 1 to 10 totally unprompted. He is so proud of himself – he smiles and says “yay!” at the end. He also has said “all by myself” several times this week for the first time. I was so excited when he first said it going down the stairs because he rarely uses three words together. I think one of the neatest things is that he lets me help him with his words. I’ve seen how you break down words into syllables and then have him repeat the syllables to build the word. Luke will say each syllable after me and then we’ll try to say the word by putting the syllables together. This takes a few tries, but he is so proud of himself when he can say a word. We make sure to praise him and celebrate with a big high five every time! And surprisingly, he seems less frustrated. He hasn’t laid down on the floor and cried in weeks. The only thing I can attribute it to is that he can tell us better what he wants now i.e. juice, crackers, Elmo TV – all the important things in life. J If this is what a month of working on his words can do, I can’t wait to see what 6 months brings. Thank you!!"

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J. Johnston

"I would like to thank Robyn for coming into our home to help my son with his autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Having ASD has made making friends and navigating social complexities an impossibility for my child. Watching his struggle to maintain friendships has been heartbreaking. Living with a breakdown of communication between me and my son has also been a stressful and draining experience. Speech therapy we have attended before, in the schools and in clinics, have been exhausting for us and have shown little transference into the real life situations we face at home. Having Robyn come into our home and hold River accountable for his goals in his home environment has made such a drastic difference already after only a few sessions. I can remind him of his goals and he immediately has an "aha" moment. Before, I was not included in his therapy as much and he would disappear into a room and come out an hour later as I waited in a waiting room. Robyn makes the family a part of therapy and it really has given me peace of mind to have a plan to go by and someone else to help me with my own ability to communicate effectively. I feel that sometimes as a parent I have gotten used to the way River communicates and unknowingly enabled problem behaviors and communication with others not familiar with my son. Robyn is helping us all target communication blurbs and smooth out the wrinkles in the flow of our family.Thank you Robyn!!!"

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ABA Therapist

"As an ABA therapist with a family receiving speech therapy services from Robyn, I have been able to witness her services. I have been impressed with Robyn's professionalism, dedication and knowledge. Her services are delivered with consistent dedication and focus in order to ensure that therapy is of optimum advantage."

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parent of teenager

Robyn made a profound difference in our son’s articulation and clarity in just a few months of therapy. He always looked forward to the sessions and I would often hear them laughing together. He started “hearing” his mistakes and self-correcting almost immediately. The difference in his confidence, willingness to speak up in new situations, and in his reduced frustration is all due to Robyn’s work with him. Our experience could not have been any more positive. Thank you, Robyn!

Advantage Speech Therapy Services is committed to your child’s speech development.
Our therapists provide top quality care for your child's needs.

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K. Ely

We had the pleasure of having Cheryl as our Speech Therapist for three years. Our daughter went to her struggling to put two-word sentences together, had very hard time with articulation and other simple speech concepts. Our daughter is now thriving because of all the hard work and dedication Cheryl put into helping her. Cheryl is very creative with her sessions and individualizes various activities to interest the children. She is truly a joy to work with and I highly recommend her for anyone in need of Speech services!

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M. Mingir

We started taking speech therapy in 2017 for our 18 months old daughter at that time. She wasn’t babbling or neither trying to imitate, the only word she was able to say was “mom”. Per our psychiatry’s recommendation, we decided to take speech therapy.

Daphne was diagnosed with SPD so that she wasn’t happy baby all the time, and for her to spend time along with somebody other than us was a bit challenging, however, Cheryl easily manage Daphne’s attention, made great connection with her in very first sessions. That was important achievement for us because other therapists, Daphne had been seeing, wasn’t able to manage it. Right now, whenever she sees Cheryl, she wants to hold her hand, and she shows the door and signs for “play.”

We were able to see progress right away; after few sessions with Cheryl, she started signing and saying few words such as “more”, “water” and “food”. That was the first time for us to see Daphne communicated with us verbally. She is right now 25 months old and she can tell us all her needs with many words as a part of her daily life, and most importantly, she tries to imitate us.

After each session Cheryl explained us what they have done, how it went, and gave us clear homework as well as we were able to reach her out with email for further questions, especially during weekend. In addition, we are amazed with her honesty, she told us if Daphne didn’t do good job on a particular day or mentioned other obstacles. As concerned family, this gave us confidence because we had bad experience with other therapists (Including OT and PT) on this subject.

Cheryl touched our hearts. She is talented speech therapist and has a wonderful personality. I personally believe she keeps helping lot of other kids, and we highly recommend her.

Default Avatar55
M. Daker

Cheryl is a kind, fun, and passionate speech therapist. We have been so grateful for her positive influence in our son’s life! He loves the games she plays and thinks of her as his friend! She has made something that was initially hard and somewhat sad to deal with a relaxing and fun experience. I highly recommend her as well as Advantage Speech Therapy. They have been efficient, positive and easy to work with. They have truly taken so much stress away which this busy mom GREATLY appreciates!!!!

Default Avatar55
A. Ellison

Cheryl has been our son's speech therapist for years. Her knowledge and expertise in the field of speech pathology is extraordinary. Most of all Cheryl truly shines in her ability to foster a loving and safe environment for her patients. She lovingly pushes them to do their best. When we began to see Cheryl our son could barely tell us how his day was or what he was feeling. Now because of her help he has full conversations with us and even other people with ease. We are forever indebted to Cheryl for all her tireless work and care in helping our son. She will continue to remain one of the best therapists we have ever had!

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M. Thirumal

Cheryl has seen our son, Dharshan for about 5-6 years. Dharshan is diagnosed with Autism and ADHD.

He has learned most of his vocabulary, communication skills, verbal and non verbal cues through his speech therapy with Cheryl.

His comprehension has greatly improved under Cheryl's direction.

Dharshan is now in a mainstream classroom and doing very well, academically, which is attributed to the therapy provided by Cheryl.

We are very grateful for Cheryl and thankful for all of the dedication and hardwork that she has provided for Dharshan through these years,which has been so impactful and has been greatly attributed to his success.

Default Avatar55
K. Preston

Thank you Cheryl, for helping our son find his voice. We are going to miss you so much. Best wishes on this new chapter.

Default Avatar55
The Frankels

Cheryl, words cannot express how grateful we are for all that you have done for our son.

Default Avatar55
R. Kumar

Cheryl brings with her, experience and charm to handle fussy kids. My 4 year old listens to her every instruction and is responding positively. We are fully satisfied with progress he is making. Thanks you for your services!

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