Advantage Speech Therapy Services has compiled resources for empowering you...

Advantage Speech Therapy Services has compiled resources for empowering you with supporting your child's development. The resources shared on this page are useful for parents, speech pathologists, and educational organizations. When you're ready to get started with ASTS, start here.

The Listening Program (TLP)

Research shows that certain types of music can improve your health and brain performance. That's what The Listening Program is about, improving your sound brain fitness. Our team of experts develops sound tracks of evidence-based music to improve your attention, memory, listening, creativity, and communication, while reducing stress, and enhancing your cognitive health, mood and sense of well-being. Our customers experience positive and often life changing results in school, work, and home.

Advanced Brain Technology (ABT)

Complete Speech Program

  • Unique and innovative technology focusing on visual and tactile feedback that supports individuals developing proper speech habits as quickly and effectively as possible.

Complete Speech Program for Speech Therapy

Speech Buddies

  • Speech Buddies are a series of speech tools that help children learn correct tongue positioning with consistency for 5 of the most difficult to learn sounds - R, S, L, CH and SH.

Speech Buddies

Organizations On The Web


Process of Articulation

Online Companies

Interactive Links

Local Business


(available for checkout from me upon request)

We can Talk by Rachel Arnston M.S., CCC-SLP *This book offer tips for enhancing your child's speech and language skills. It is written in parent friendly terms, and is about communicating with children and describes 9 techniques for enhancing your child's communication skills.*

The SLPs IEP Companion by Carolyn C. Wilson, Janet R. Lanza, and Jeannie S. Evans

  • Appendix A: First Words - Types of words to expect your child to be able to say/understand up to the age of 24 months
  • Appendix B: Word Lists 1 Words List 2 - Lists of words that range from different types of categories
  • Appendix C: Visual Organizers - Visual map suggestion to help older children organize story information
  • Appendix D: Sentence Types - Examples on how different sentences are constructed
  • Appendix E: Purpose of Writing - Description of 4 different forms of purposeful writing
  • Appendix F: Writing Frames - Frames help children bridge to full-length composing by using key words/phrases with open spaces to supply their own words in order to complete the frame
  • Appendix G: Fluency Facilitators - Suggestion for families and teachers for ways to help children improve their fluency.

More Than Words – Helping Parents Promote Communication and Social Skills in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder by Fern Sussman

It Takes Two to Talk – A Practical Guide for Parents of Children with Language Delays by Jan Pepper and Elaine Weitzman

It Takes Two To Talk – A Parent's Guide to Helping Children Communicate by Ayala Manolson

Talk! Talk! Talk! Tools to Facilitate Language by Muir, Gerylo, Gompf, Burke, Lumsden and McCraig

The Early Intervention Kit (Therapy Guide) – Pre-Linguistic Skills, Receptive Language, Expressive Language, and Sound Production Development by Nancy B.Swigert

The Early Intervention Kit (Activities Book) – Pre-Linguistic Skills, Receptive Language, Expressive Language, and Sound Production Development by Nancy B.Swigert

Early Language Development – Handouts and Activities by Linda Mawhinney and Mary Scott McTeague


 (cut/color/laminate for long-lasting use)

Discovery Toys Handouts


by an unknown author

Therapy Apps

Brook and I have found many of these apps useful in more ways than one. We have found that children are motivated by the iPad and the games beyond their intent. Kids can “earn” time to play the games and/or they can use the apps to work on following directions, vocabulary and building language skills. Below you fill find our individual highlighted / favorite apps and a more extensive list linked to each of our sites as well.

As far as $cost$ goes, many of the apps listed are either free or .99 yet there are some that range from $4.99 to $9.99 or even higher. Some allow you to try the app out for free under the ‘lite’ version but then require you to pay an ‘in app’ fee to upgrade to get more content or buy a completely different fuller version. Be aware of sales and “free app friday” from a group called “Moms with Apps” to assist with getting more apps for free. Note: Many apps do updates for free and you benefit from additional content within the app with each update as well as any bug fixes.