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Hello, I’m Robyn Drothler! Welcome to Advantage Speech Therapy Services (“ASTS”). We’re eager to support your child with their speech needs (if you’re new to ASTS, I would love to share more with you About Us and Our Mission).

Let’s get started.

Step 1

First, fill out the Intake form (avg. 10-20 minutes; or download printable version). This form provides developmental milestones and information necessary to better understand your child as we move forward.

However, if all you need is your insurance to be verified, please fill out the Verification of Benefits form (avg. 2-5 minutes to fill out; or download printable version). We accept all Insurance carriers (it depends on whether or not you’re In Network or Out of Network). We’ll contact you within 48-72 business hours with information about the insurance coverage.

In Network
Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Health Care, Cigna, Medicaid, CareSource, Amerigroup, PeachState.

Out of Network
Depends on your coverage. We will confirm your coverage with the information you provide from the Verification of Benefits form. 

*A Good Faith Estimate will be provided to those who do not have out of network benefit coverage and choose to pay in cash.

*In lieu of a credit card on file an invoice will be sent for a retainer. It is fully refundable and will cover the last month’s payment or any previous unpaid balances. Any remaining balances (when services are completed) will be returned to you.

* After we’ve reviewed the Intake form, we will communicate directly with you to ensure that we’re a good fit for your child’s needs. Then we’ll ask you to refer to Step 2

Step 2

Important: Please take a moment to read our Welcome Letter (avg. 5 minutes).

Please fill out the following forms:


  1. Consent And Release Of Information (avg. 10 minutes; or download printable version)
  2. Policy & Financial Agreement Form (avg. 2-5 minutes; or download printable version)
  3. Credit/Debit Card Authorization (avg. 2-5 minutes; or download printable version)

Step 3

After reviewing the forms, we will reach out to you to schedule our initial visit. Please have the following items ready for us prior to the initial visit (email them in advance to [email protected]):


  1. Individualized Education Plan (“IEP”)–every update or renewal, ASTS needs a copy
  2. Hearing Tests (if applicable)
  3. Copy of Insurance form
  4. Driver’s License