Corlette G.

"Robyn was brave enough to tackle the speech issues of each of my quadruplets! Working with high order multiples is a huge challenge! Robyn not only rose to the challenge, but truly impressed my entire family. Although she did work the children very hard she also made it very fun for them. My children would run to the door in excitement whenever Robyn would come. I noticed a difference in their speech right away. My son Todd was very advanced for his age, however had a problem expressing himself. Todd wanted to tell us how he felt but his speech was so muddled that he would just scream in desperation. Robyn changed all of that! Todd began to communicate and shocked us with just how advanced he really was. All the quads are speaking very well and very clearly thanks to Robyn. Now the problem is trying to keep them quiet! Robyn taught the kids so much and they had so much fun with her! I know that their success in school has everything to do with the great foundation she provided!"