fellow colleague – E. Falcon

I am one of Robyn's colleagues. I have known her for 16 years. In the early years, we worked alongside each other in the school system. Later as we supported each when we embarked on our journey of self employment (independent of each other). Robyn gets nothing but rave reviews from me. She is so driven, motivated and dedicated to her work. She is constantly thinking of her clients and their needs. She sets goals and follows through with them and is successful at helping her clients communicate. She has sincere concern and compassion for the children she works with. I now live in Florida, but we continue to work together as we are always in contact discussing our work, teaching each other and brainstorming new approaches to suit the client and their needs. Her desire to continue to learn and grow as a therapist is inspiring. Robyn recently hosted a continuing education workshop which I flew up to be a part of. I wish Robyn nothing but continued success in her work!