Parent of teenager with fluency goals

Being a mom you are always looking for the best for your kids. Looking for a speech therapist was not an easy thought to go with especially when you have a teenager who doesn’t have a big problem in her speech but she needed more confidence with her speech. I recommend any mom to try anything that helps her kids in any way, at any age. I found "Advantage Speech” online and we met with Robyn the owner of the business . She’s been running her business for awhile, such a great person for the job! Robyn has helped my daughter be aware of her speech with more confidence..she helped her focus on what she needed to build her speech ...and speaking clearly. Consistency, awareness, focus and confidence are very successful keys for great results that my daughter and I were able to notice in her speech and the improvement that she has made within three months.. It was a great experience with Robyn…. even my daughter loved her techniques and tricks to stay focused and consistent I am very proud of my daughter’s improvement in her awareness of her speech and I am thankful to you for your patience , commitment and love for what you do!