Complete Speech Program

A Collage of Children Learning With Technology

Advantage Speech Therapy Services is a provider for the Complete Speech Program which is a software based company that helps kids with difficult articulation errors REDUCE time in therapy by utilizing a palate connected to a computer to “see” inside their mouths while they talk.

Initially, the child will go to the dentist and have a mold made of their upper palate after ordering the kit from the Complete Speech Company. The mold will then be mailed to the company (from the parent or the dentist) to create the palate with the attached sensors. Once ready, the child and therapist will hook into the software program and begin working on reaching the targeted circles on the computer screen. These appear by choosing the targeted sound so that the child will know how to manipulate their mouth to create the right posture.
It is truly amazing to see how much easier it is to create the difficult postures with the assistance of the visual aid. Kids as young as 5 work hard to move and adjust their tongue to create the sounds with ease
More specifically…


The SmartPalate software displays on the computer screen the tongue-to-palate contacts and the audio waveform of the person’s speech. Typically, a clinician and client each have their own SmartPalate in their mouth at the same time so the clinician can model the correct tongue placement for the client. Both the clinician and the client can now see what is happening inside the mouth.

Software Features:

  • Split or single screen, real-time display of both client and clinician tongue-to-palate contacts, sound spectrum delay, and audio input levels
  • Clinician can model client’s current production and also proper contact patterns in real-time or with pre-saved sound targets
  • Sound targets can be captured in real-time or created and displayed for client to clearly see what contacts should be made during sound production
  • Oral coordination view for client assessment, improvement, and scoring
  • Real-time numerical scoring of clients production accuracy
  • Fully configurable palate displays for different size SmartPalate configurations
  • Unlimited length recordings can be made of both clinician and client production
  • Recordings capture palate and audio data, and can be played back in real-time, slow motion or stop motion
  • Recordings are saved in native .wav file formats and can be easily played with any media player
  • Palate data can be exported as a CSV file for post processing

The SmartPalate visually displays tongue-to-palate contact, allowing users to consistently and accurately identify and practice correct speech sounds. Consisting of three components, the SmartPalate, DataLink and SmartPalate Software, this visual feedback system gives users the ability to see what they have never seen before!

Testimonial from parent

After more than 10 years in comprehensive speech therapy, both in school and private, our son, now 13 years of age, was able to secure his “R’s” with Advantage Speech Therapy in less than 6 months [2x/wk June through August, 1x/week in September and moving into a maintenance plan October, November and then discharge in December].  I simply can’t say enough about Robyn’s professionalism, targeted therapy methods and her wonderful ability to connect with and inspire my son.  Having had our son in speech therapy since the age of three, my husband and I had begun to give up the hope that he would ever speak with perfect clarity. Robyn offered us the continued guidance, assurance and support we needed in addition to offering us a new level of hope that we had lost.  We are delighted to report that our son now speaks beautifully! Thank you Robyn and Advantage Speech Therapy for developing a customized speech therapy program that, once and for all, gave us the success we had long been looking for.

N. R. (parent)

If you would like more information about this program and how Advantage Speech Therapy Services can assist your child in achieving speech clarity, please call or email Robyn @ 404-784-1252 or [email protected].

Aslo, you can visit Complete Speech Community website if you want to find out more.

Please Note: Children must be over the age of 5 to be eligible for this due to the size of their mouths and the ability to follow specific directions to manipulate their articulators.

Great video where a client is explaining to her brother how to use the software and what she has to do to create the right sound with the blue vs. orange dots.

This video reflects a child using an app with targeted /r/ vocabulary for reinforcement while using the palate software.

This video shows a client learning to hear the difference in her speech productions by using the visual aid on the software program and targeting the blue dots.

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