Holiday Crafts Focusing on Speech & Language

A Reindeer Cookie With Pretzel Decoration

Want to have a fun activity to work on at the holidays with your child while simultaneously working on their speech and language goals?

Take any craft or cooking activity and turn it into a speech and language activity. Adjust our steps below to meet your child’s own skill level.

Suggested Projects:

Frosted Reindeer Cookies | LINK

Tiny Turkeys | LINK

Paper Owl Craft | LINK

The steps:

  1. Collect all the ingredients or materials.
  2. Use the directions to show your child the steps or to talk about them.
  3. Go through the steps to completion.
    • Ask questions about what you did first, last, what you did before ___ or what you did after ___.
    • Ask questions related to what materials you needed to make the craft or dish.
    • Ask what you need to do next to predict. Ask what you just did to review.
    • Ask questions related to what actions you took (glued, taped, drew, attached, stirred, mixed, tasted etc)
    • Make sure you use key words your child is working on (actions, colors, functions, labeling, requesting etc). Encourage 2+ word combinations if your child is capable of it.
    • If your child doesn’t know the answer to your questions, tell them – then ask them. For example: What did we need to make the turkey? (no answer). We used paper, glue, scissors and crayons. What did we use? (cue as needed) We used….
      • Guide them with leading phrases or phonemic cueing to assist them with HOW to answer (if necessary).
  • To extend the activity, have your child draw a picture or write the steps of what you did to create the activity – then have them share it with you.

Extension of activity:

Use this template to incorporate their participation in daily activities. You can use this with making breakfast, getting ready for bed, brushing teeth, washing/folding clothes.

Another daily activity:

Washing/drying/folding clothes is another good example, because you can talk about WHO wears it, WHERE you wear it, WHY you wear pants/shorts/jackets. What you need to wear in different seasons, you can sort by color, by family member, by size. You can talk about size differences (bigger/smaller) and who can wear it/fit into it.

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